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City Hills ...

A project launched by Byder for Construction & Development Co. aims to develop, sort and organize plots of land for housing purposes with with a goal to enable our prospect customers to own a distinct plot of land in Palestine close to all services and suitable for establishing their dream or a country house, or as an investment in a modern, sophisticated and organized environment away from random construction and in the heart of the beautiful nature with stunning views and amazing landscapes embraced by the Palestinian countryside.

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City Hills: The Opportunity

  1. The opening of a new real estate project in new areas located in the direction of the urban expansion of the city of Nablus and close to services, provided that it is not far from the borders of the current actual city expansion of Nablus.
  2. Moving away from recurring typical projects and creating a distinct project with a variety of investment opportunities.
  3. Providing a financing program for our customers based on direct installments through Byder without the mediation of banks.
  4. Giving Byder customers the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque nature of Palestine and to own in areas with distinct views that are distinguished by their beautiful rural nature, the acrid smell of olives and their breathtaking calm.

City Hills: A Comprehensive Project with a Futuristic Vision

It is a project of developing, sorting and marketing of land units for the purposes of housing and investment, so that the project in its final form is similar to the new suburban projects organized and includes all essential services, Byder prepared for the project a general site plan designed by the best engineering expertise to study the project and design the master plan. Byder worked on organizing construction in the sorted plots and determining the setbacks and heights of the buildings. Byder also undertook to establish the internal infrastructure for the project to facilitate the buyers access to their lands and establish their homes or their investments with ease.

Byder took into account the needs of investors in terms of allocating land units for the purposes of commercial buildings to build markets and others for the purposes of building independent residential buildings and other floors in an orderly manner and with systems that ensure the organization of the area and keep it from randomness in construction. Also, took in the account the green areas and parks to guarantee beauty, sophistication and organization.

Green Areas

Citiy Hills: Raising the Bar for Projects in Palestine

Byder seeks to raise the bar for projects in Palestine at present and in the future, and to organize the new neighborhoods in an organized manner by engineering and urban planning experts, taking into account the needs of the residential, entertainment and services, and meeting the desires of all segments of buyers in proportion to their income and their desire to own a piece of land in the homeland with easy installments.

City Hills project is a new and distinctive value from Byder for the investment & real estate development sectors in Palestine.



The City Hills project is located to the west of Nablus, and to the north of Al-Madina City Club, in a location not more than 5 minutes from the active Deir Sharaf junction. Less than 8 minutes from Al-Hakim Medical Center, taken from the beautiful green hills overlooking the mountains of Nablus, which are located behind Al-Madina City Club is in a strategic, central location adjacent to Nablus-Tulkarm Road and Nablus-Jenin Road.

Ways to Project

Byder chose the site carefully to be close to the city of Nablus and from the main road connecting Nablus-Tulkarem to set up the new project City Hills .. Byder has developed the streets chain surrounding the project area to facilitate access and bundle project road network structure where created entries and options for visitors seeking access to the project, which is:

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