Blue Waves

Byder has worldwide experience and craftsmanship in building elite and luxurious buildings, apartments, touristic resorts and houses. We select only the best materials, best people, best locations and best ideas in order to build the most suitable and comfortable home for you. Byder d.o.o. started its existence in Croatia since the end of 2003 when it was registered as a local entity, but fully owned by Byder GmbH. Byder d.o.o. came to work in Croatia in the Development field of Real Estate, but unlike many others, Byder was supported with the large experience accumulated through many years of serious work in other parts of the world, experience of the partners, owners, and sister companies, with special care to quality, durability, and also the modern and attractive appearance. In achieving the Byder management goals, it was necessary to be careful in selecting the teams that will work on the projects, those teams were decided to be among the best Croatian teams, and so it was. Also, it was necessary to employ advisory systems and consultants to support the Byder management in the field of legal and financial issues, two reputable houses, Law house and financial house were selected, and both proved that the quality selection always pays back. Byder d.o.o. line of business is devoted on the Land Development, Residential Elite buildings and Tourist Resorts at the seaside. Byder Projektiranje d.o.o is fully owned by Byder d.o.o. It is the managing company of Blue Waves Resort Hotel and owner.

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